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Giordano Brothers: As Cheap as it is Good

To be clear: Bread, meat, cheese, fries, cole slaw, bread (in that order, top to bots).

Nicely seasoned fries

Come with your appetite.

The interior is comfortable and homey.

Another interior shot

How can you say no?!

I admit, most my posts are about “nice” places in the city.  In my defense, they’re everywhere in this city!  Find me a delicious $6 burger that is not In-n-Out Burger and I will happily oblige.  Also in my defense, I do try to pack my lunch or eat microwave dinners most of the week so I can justify these nice visits – and I don’t think you care to hear about Lean Cuisine here.  So, that being said, I recently visited Giordono Brothers - a cheap, delicious sandwich shop – and am thrilled to sing its praises.

I recently joined a new team at work, so it was just a tad too soon to call the shots or object when my teammate suggested we venture out to the North Beach sandwich shop.  You better believe I was skeptical and perhaps slightly annoyed.  Who does this guy think he is??  He’s not even from here.  But being the team player I am, I hiked with my new pals Derek and Marissa to the Columbus street spot.  Immediately I knew I was in for a treat.  No frills, nothing overpriced; just simple, good food.  And a lot of it.

The sandwiches range from $6.75-7.25 and, with a shared side of fries amongst us, lasted me two meals.  The premise is simple: you choose the meat and the rest comes standard.  Just as the words “what is Capicola…?” left my mouth, I turned to the left and read the “Definitions” chalkboard.  There are about eight meats – conveniently defined near the register – to choose from.  I went for the spicy ham variety while my peers went for Coppa and Pastrami.

Okay, so what sets this ‘wich part?  That would be the pile of fries layered inside, which saved me my arm strength of having to do it myself (note to self: lift weights later).  I don’t know many Pittsburgh-style spots in the city – okay, any – so this was new and exciting to me.  The slices of bread are thick and squishy and support the inside ingredients while not inhibiting their natural goodness.   Perhaps the most impressive component of the sandwich is the slaw: it’s vinegar based, so it’s light – not mayonnaise-y or overwhelming.  This is definitely a healthy meal (<- sarcasm/wishful thinking).  My perception of Pittsburgh just went from Shittsburgh to Hitsburgh.

I was so impressed with everything that, on the walk back to the office, I egotistically announced to my coworkers I knew of a better sandwich in the Financial District.  In the moment, I had no idea what I was going to suggest.  Finding a sandwich as cheap as it is good is a tough order.   I know my choice now, though.  Stay tuned for the results of the Financial District sandwich throwdown.

Giordano Brothers
303 Columbus Avenue
North Beach

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